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Principal's Message

Dear YDMA families,

I hope you and your loved ones are resting, recharging, andfinding ways of enjoying this warm weathersafely.

I'd like to thank everyone that participated in our Town Hallmeetings to provide feedback andrecommendations for ourupcoming school year. A huge thanks to our PTA/SLT membersand Ms. Celestefor helping me plan and facilitate these sessions.The discussions resulted in valuable and helpfulinformation as weplan for our school reopening in the fall.

What We Know:

The DOE has posted a sign-up tool which is open until August 7thso that families can opt into full remotelearning. You will only beallowed to opt back in at certain times throughout the year. Belowis the link to optinto full remote learning.

Return to School 2020 - schools.nyc.gov
While it’s impossible to predict what September will look like,there is no question that next year will lookdifferent. Our familiesare our partners as we chart this new path forward, and we heardfrom 300,000 ofthem—in addition to 110,000 students—in acitywide survey on reopening our school buildings.

We will use a cohort-based approach to ensure social distancing at school.

Our goal is to have at least ½ - ⅓ of students in the building at atime while following health and safetyguidelines.

Students will remain in classrooms or in their cohorts during theschool day.

We will finalize the program model in August, but at this moment are considering Model 1A when creating the school’s program inSeptember. With this model, students will receive in-person learning on every other day Tuesday through Friday, with groups alternating on Mondays.

There will be parent workshops scheduled before the new schoolyear begins to provide helpful tips whensupporting your child withRemote Learning.

The model chosen will focus on the safety of staff and students, the number of students we can accommodate on a daily basis who are able to practice social distancing along with health/safety guidelines, and the number of staff members. We will continue toshare updates as they are received.

As always, feel free to contact me or Ms. Celeste via email at cortega2@schools.nyc.gov if you have any questions or concerns.

Be safe ❤️

Denise Desjardin


From the Parent Coordinator

As we gear up for another exciting school year, I'm excited to assure you that my purpose here at P.S. 242 is to serve as a helpful source to our families.   Coming into the 2019-2020 school year; I encourage all parents to communicate creative ideas and concerns that many of us have regarding your child’s education. My role in partnership with the principal is to facilitate support networks and workshops of interest for you.

Parent Involvement

Our students’ progress continues to be successful when parents are involved. Each child that walks through the halls of YDMA are supported by a team of educators dedicated to inspire their minds. We strive to provide every student, with the tools needed to have a positive and enriching future. For a successful school year, active parents are key to strengthening the school’s progress, our families and your child’s education.

 Parent Workshops

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs…To help support and assist parents in balancing family life, a monthly calendar and newsletter will be given out with all upcoming events that are scheduled for the month. We ask that all parents come to the workshops.


If there’s a workshop that might interest your or you have concerns that you need assistance in. Please feel free to contact me. I’m available to assist from Monday-Friday 8:30am-3:00pm. You can also reach me by phone (212)678-2908 ext. 111 or by email cortega2@schools.nyc.gov

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