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Principal's Message

Dear YDMA Families,

Our learning community understands that part of our children’s success relies heavily on the support offered both at school and at home. I am certain that our common responsibility and commitment to our children’s success will provide fruitful outcomes as the year progresses, no matter the challenges.

As part of our shared responsibility, our teachers and I ask that you guide and support your child’s learning by ensuring that he/she:

1. Attends school every day, ready for the day’s learning experiences. Daily attendance is critical for academic growth as well as for social emotional well-being.

2. Arrives on time for school every day. Instruction begins immediately and arriving late results in students missing essential parts of the curriculum.

3. Completes and submits assignments on time. This helps us to assess their understanding and differentiate the instruction based on their needs.

4. Consistently communicates with their teachers.

5. Share's school experiences with you to help monitor their learning and progress.

On Election Day, it will be a non-attendance day for students. They will be working asynchronously. Teachers will be providing the students with work via Google Classroom.

We hope you were able to sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences and that you had a productive and positive conversation with the teacher(s). If you were not able to attend a conference on November 3, please contact your child's teacher(s) to schedule another time for these vital conversations.

November is an important time for all of us to reflect on the many blessings bestowed upon us. I am certainly thankful for the many blessing in my life, including working with the amazing scholars, parents/caregivers, teachers, and support staff at Young Diplomats Magnet Academy
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November 8, 2022- Election Day (non-attendance day for students) 

November 11, 2022- Veteran's Day no school 

November 16, 2022- Vision Screening with Tzu Chi mobile  1 TCMC - Vision to Succeed 1.pdf 

November 16, 2022- PTA/ Title 1 PAC meeting at 6 pm via Zoom  PTA letter Agenda 11_16_2022 docx.pdf 

November 17, 2022- Coffee/ Tea Break with Mrs. D and Mrs. Ellman 


November 18, 2022- SPIRIT DAY! 






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